INFO All About Petanque – information about all aspects of the game. [la petanca – en español]
BOULES Advice on buying boules. Purchase boules & accessories at PetanqueAmerica.
CLUBS See the American Petanque Directory or use the PETANQUE CLUB SEARCH page.
VIDEOS Videos on | YouTube | DailyMotion | (personal favorites) |
Photos on | Flickr | Pinterest | PetanqueUSA (Facebook) |
RULES The Rules of Petanque – the rules, and notes and FAQs about the rules.
EVENTS Petanque Amelia Island Open – THE annual petanque tournament in USA
Upcoming competitions (FPUSA and open) in the USA
ORGANIZATIONS FPUSA is the official governing body for petanque in the USA.
FIPJP is the international governing body of petanque.
Other national and international organisations.
American Petanque is a web site devoted to promoting petanque in the USA.
Youth Petanque promotes petanque among America’s young people.

Great two-minute video introduction to the game


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