Youtube – some personal favorites

If you are new to petanque, the first video is a good introduction and is only 2 minutes long.
Note that this page takes a few seconds to load— it is pulling in a lot of video links.


A good short introduction to petanque for Americans.

A short video that introduces petanque and shows how it is played in France.

A cute little animation about the rules, history, and traditions of petanque. It is in French, but you don’t need to understand French to enjoy the video.

An excellent introduction to all aspects of the game created by the EPA (English Petanque Association). Watch it in high resolution on Vimeo, or in lower resolution on Youtube HERE or HERE.


UNE MENE vraiment SUPER (Madagascar vs Thaïlande)

Championnat du Monde Hommes 2015 Tête à Tête — Claudy Weibel contre Sami Atallah.
Video of the whole game can be viewed HERE . Starting with mene 7, better quality video is HERE.

Masters 2014_Finale Etape 03_ Illkirch
Franch vs. Madagascar… poor video quality, but two superb teams.

PPF Final 2018

Finale (COMPLETE) mondial PETANQUE 2010 Madagascar vs France


Petanque La méthode des champions du monde Vidéo Patrick Lopeze et Didier Choupay

50 years of petanque

CANAL+ DOCUMENTARY (old footage of Marco Foyot and others)

Petanque la belle epoque 1998

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